A graphical browser for multiple databases using GoVCL.

This is an experimental application and you should generally prefer to use qbolt.


  • Native desktop application, running on Linux, Windows, and macOS
  • Connect to multiple databases
  • Browse table/bucket content
  • Run custom SQL queries
  • Safe handling for non-UTF8 key and data fields
  • Supported databases:
    • Bolt
      • Full compatibility via the upstream etcd-io/bbolt library
      • Recursive bucket support
    • SQLite
      • Uses CGo if available or if not
    • Badger v4


The code in this project is licensed under the ISC license (see LICENSE file for details).

This project redistributes images from the famfamfam/silk icon set under the CC-BY 2.5 license.


  1. CGO_ENABLED=1 go build
  2. Download liblcl for your platform, or compile it yourself (tested with v2.2.3)
  3. Place the liblcl library file in the same directory as yvbolt
  4. Run yvbolt and use the main menu to open a database


2024-06-25 v0.3.0

  • Add support for running custom queries
  • Add BadgerDB v4 as supported database
  • Add support for CGo-free SQLite driver under cross-compilation
  • Add status bar showing currently selected DB
  • Update Bolt to v1.4.0-alpha.1
  • Fix missing icons in nav when selecting items
  • Fix extra quotemarks when browsing string content of database

2024-06-08 v0.2.0

  • Add SQLite support (now requires CGo)
  • Add images for menu and navigation items

2024-06-03 v0.1.0

  • Initial public release