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A node.js library for chatting on an NMDC server.

Install using npm install nmdc.

For documentation and downloads, see the npm project page:

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2017-02-04 1.6.1
• Feature: Separate ClientVersion and Tag in user/connection options
• Fix an issue with supplied user tags missing the V: parameter
2016-03-14 1.6.0
• Feature: Add tls option to support TLS support for nmdcs:// hubs
2015-08-20 1.5.1
• Fix compilation error in contributed patches for 1.5.0
2015-08-02 1.5.0
• Feature: Add onStateChange callback API (contributed)
• Feature: Add getHubName and getIsConnected APIs (contributed)
• Feature: Add shouldInstantConnect option to control default construction behaviour (contributed)
2015-02-14 1.4.0
• Feature: Automatically follow hub redirects (with default-false option follow_redirects)
• Feature: Add option ignore_chat_failures to suppress thrown exceptions when sending a chat message fails
• Fix an issue with Verlihub's handshake causing nmdc.js to erroneously send multiple $Version messages
• Fix an issue spamming the error log with unused $Search and $ConnectToMe protocol messages
• Fix an issue not protocol-unescaping system messages
• Fix an issue not passing non-star system messages
• Fix an issue upon recieving multiple blank protocol messages
2014-03-08 1.3.0
• Feature: Report connection errors in the onSystem handler
• Feature: Add docblocks for publicly-exported functions
• Fix a number of issues with automatic reconnections, and use TCP keepalives instead of empty protocol messages
2013-11-26 1.2.0a
• Fix version number in default client tag
• Fix missing URL in package.json documentation
2013-11-16 1.2.0
• Feature: Add onUserCommand callback API
• Feature: Add Nmdc.raw() API
• Fix an issue that could cause keepalives to not be sent
2013-05-05 1.1.0a
• Fix markdown syntax in 1.1.0 release
2013-05-05 1.1.0
• BREAKING: Prevent construction without new
• BREAKING: Remove onGotHubname callback API
• Feature: Socket keepalives and timeouts
• Fix a crash when the connection was lost
• Fix onConnect being say-able
2012-05-05 1.0.1a
• Feature: Add onGotHubname, onSystem callback APIs
• Fix correctness issues
2012-04-15 1.0.0
• Initial public release

• Port to Golang: libnmdc.go
• Port to Python 2.7: (contributed)
• Port to ActionScript: vendored in flexdc
• Port to Java (J2ME): vendored in jmdc
• Port to C++: vendored in cedc, dcwebui, ut2dc, mudc, pspdc


For bug reports, feature requests, or if you need any help, please click here to email me.