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An interactive javascript environment based on TinyJS.

Includes libraries for HTTP, NMDC, Twitter, SABnzbd+, Cleverbot, and uTorrent support.

Contains an ad-hoc implementation of half of curses/readline for a console user interface.

Included samples:
• Banner text for NMDC
• NMDC/Twitter integration
• Chat bot for NMDC based on Cleverbot
• uTorrent and SABnzbd+ bots for NMDC

Source code and API documentation included in download.

As TinyJS is made available under the LGPL, the (trivial) modifications to build it as a standalone library were previously available but have since been removed. The source code bundle includes all modifications and additional (standard ECMA) functions added to the interpreter.

This eventually superceded a number of previous standalone projects related to NMDC.

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