A semi-anonymous wiki for use in trusted environments.


  • Standalone server, easy to run
  • Built-in SQLite database
  • BBcode
  • Diff page revisions
  • RSS changelog
  • IP-based ban system
  • Article index, random article, download database backup
  • Source code highlighting (thanks highlight.js )
  • Optional integration with contented for file/image uploads

For the 20150901 release, a desktop version is available for Windows (based on PHPDesktop).

Prior to the 3.0 release, YATWiki was a PHP script instead of a standalone server.


You can start YATWiki by running the binary. A default configuration file and database will be automatically generated if they are not found.

Usage of ./yatwiki-server:
  -config string
        Configuration file (default "config.json")
  -listen string
        Bind address (default "")


2018-04-02 3.3.0

  • Feature: Allow deleting (and un-deleting) articles
  • Feature: Support [youtube] tag for embedded Youtube videos
  • Feature: Add link to view raw page source when viewing a specific page revision
  • Feature: Display timestamps on all console log messages
  • Enhancement: Upgrade bundled SQLite3 library
  • Disable zooming out on mobile devices (but zooming in is still allowed)
  • Fix an issue with linking to articles where the name contained an apostrophe

2017-11-18 3.2.0

  • Feature: Add new ContentedBBCodeTag option to choose a BBCode tag for mini thumbnails (requires contented >= 1.2.0)
  • Feature: Replace menu image with SVG, for high-DPI screens
  • Feature: Hover over timestamps to display in more detail
  • Feature: Link to diff pages directly from the Recent Changes page
  • Fix some cosmetic issues with the Recent Changes page

2017-10-29 3.1.3

  • Fix one more case of article title normalisation

2017-10-29 3.1.2

  • Lock dependency versions
  • Enhancement: Advertise build number in Server headers
  • Fix a regression in 3.x series with not normalising article titles
  • Fix server response if favicon is not configured

2017-10-15 3.1.1

  • Update contented integration (requires contented >= 1.1.0)

2017-10-08 3.1.0

  • Feature: Support content upload to a contented server

2017-08-11 3.0.2

  • Fix an issue with XSS prevention for web browsers other than Chrome

2017-08-11 3.0.1

  • Feature: New TrustXForwardedFor config option for usage behind reverse proxies
  • Fix an issue with article titles containing +
  • Fix an issue with [html] tags
  • Fix an issue with viewing history for unknown articles

2017-07-11 3.0.0

  • YATWiki was rewritten in Go.
  • Enhancement: Standalone binary server
  • Enhancement: No longer requires cookies for error messages
  • Enhancement: Add norefer attribute to outgoing links
  • Improve performance of generating RSS content
  • Removed support for ban-evasion codes and "download source code"

2017-06-24 r60

  • Enhancement: Don't require short_open_tag in PHP configuration for new installs
  • Fix a number of issues with handling of base URLs in links
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with file caching for CSS content

2016-11-16 20161116

  • (no public release)
  • Enhancement: Always open the formatting help in a new tab
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with display of backslash characters caused by Meiryo font

2016-08-24 20160824

  • (no public release)
  • Feature: Add Compare button to both top and bottom of article revision list
  • Fix an issue with noncompliant HTML when comparing diffs

2015-09-01 r29

  • Feature: Desktop version for Windows (based on PHPDesktop)
  • Enhancement: Automatically determine whether HTTPS is in use, simplifying configuration
  • Fix an issue with handling of base URLs in links
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with document mode in Internet Explorer

2013-10-19 r20

  • Enhancement: Include current-revision, diff-to-previous links inside RSS feed
  • Enhancement: Change date display format
  • Enhancement: Always diff in chronological order, regardless of selection order
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with missing history/edit buttons when viewing an old page revision

2013-06-05 20130605

  • Feature: Spoiler tags
  • Feature: Raw HTML tags (the viewer must click through a warning to enable)
  • Feature: IP bans
  • Feature: RSS support
  • Feature: Endpoint for accessing raw page content (/raw/{pagename})
  • Feature: Code highlighting via highlight.js (BSD license)
  • Enhancement: Split change history across multiple pages
  • Enhancement: Move formatting help to separate page
  • Fix issues with blank-named pages, spaces in page names, and blank page content
  • Fix some cosmetic issues on mobile browsers
  • Fix a cosmetic issue when loading YATWiki with no database file

2012-03-24 20120324

  • Merge into single-file
  • Replace Markdown with BBCode formatting

2011-06-12 v1.1

  • Replace flat-file article storage with SQLite DB

2011-05-03 v1.0

  • Initial public release
  • Flat-file article storage
  • Markdown formatting