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A web-based interface for arbitrary command-line tools.

Configure the possible options for your command (e.g. optional flags, custom arguments) and then remotely invoke the tool via a web interface. The web interface displays stdout/stderr of recent and in-progress tasks, and can cancel a long-running command at any time.


Usage of ./webcmd: -config string Path to configuration file (default "webcmd.conf") -version Display version number and exit


See the included webcmd.conf-sample file for an example configuration implementing a Looking Glass server over the top of /bin/ping.


2017-03-27 1.0.1
• Enhancement: Simplify configuration file format, allow parsing const strings directly
• Enhancement: Improve time format display
• Fix an issue with pasting into form fields on Firefox Mobile
• Fix an issue with not consistently interpreting MaxHistoryLines:0 as infinite history
• Fix a cosmetic issue with mobile viewports
• Fix a cosmetic issue with task ordering
2017-03-25 1.0.0
• Initial public release


For bug reports, feature requests, or if you need any help, please click here to email me.