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A thumbnailing library for Go.

Earlier versions of this project were vendored into webdir.

• Supports jpeg / png / gif files (internally) and video files (requires ffmpeg in $PATH)
• LRU cache of recent thumbnails for performance
• Scaling algorithms: Nearest-neighbour or bilinear
• Aspect ratio preserving (fit outside with image crop; fit inside with transparent background; fit inside with dimension reduction)
• Output formats: JPG (internal) or transparent PNG (via go-imagequant)

A standalone binary mkthumb is provided as a sample utility.


2017-11-18 0.2.0
• Initial standalone release
• Feature: Decode input with specified mime type
• Feature: Allow passing zero as thumbnail cache size
2017-01-03 webdir-1.0
• Version of thumbnail vendored with webdir 1.0


For bug reports, feature requests, or if you need any help, please click here to email me.