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A unix tool to circularly buffer stdin for a local socket.

socktailf reads incoming lines from stdin into a circular buffer. The circular buffer can be read at any time over a local socket, which is removed when socktailf exits. The socket path is printed to stdout at startup.


Usage: socktailf [options] Options: -d Write the current buffer to stdout upon exit --help Display help text -n, --lines %count Set the number of lines to buffer (default 15) -q Supress display of path to socket file -v, --version Display version number and exit -x Exit after failure to read from stdin (e.g. EOF)


2015-05-03 1.1.0
• Feature: -d option to write buffer on exit
• Feature: -q option to suppress buffer path
• Feature: -v option to display version number
• Add HISTORY, COPYRIGHT sections to man page
• More closely standardise descriptions between man page and --help
• Fix permissions issue when installing
2015-04-30 1.0.0
• Initial release


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