Script to rename filenames in a certain way.

shunt_tags shunt tags to the end of filenames, transforming [RELEASEGROUP] Title - Episode [CRC32].mkv into Title - Episode [RELEASEGROUP CRC32].mkv, in order to improve alphabetical sort ordering. The original goal has expanded into a large number of transforms with a comprehensive test suite.


  shunt_tags [OPTIONS]
  -y  --accept                  Apply updates without prompting. (false)
  -d  --directory DIR           Set directory. (pwd)
      --display table|dump|none Choose display mode. ('table')
  -n  --dry-run                 Display proposed updates and exit. (false)
      --help, --usage           Display this message
      --interactive             Prompt whether to apply updates. (true)
  -q  --quiet                   Quiet mode hides scanning progress. (false)
  -qq --quiet2                  Equivalent to "-q --display none"
  -r  --recursive               Apply to subdirectories. (false)
      --test-suite              Run test suite and exit  
      --undo                    Display an undo script


2018-09-30 v3.1.0

  • Apply titlecasing for all-lowercase filenames
  • Support quirks for [a-s] filenames
  • Fix an issue with running shunt-tags from the current working directory

2017-10-22 v3.0

  • Rewritten in PHP
  • Feature: Many more features now available via command-line arguments

2017-04-05 v2.0

  • Rewritten in bash, now requires linux ports of rren and pause
  • Feature: Support --graphical argument to relaunch itself under xfce4-terminal

201?-??-?? v1.5

  • Support additional filename transforms

2015-01-17 v1.0

  • Initial public release
  • Written in batch, requires rren in path