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An RSS server that buffers messages from other RSS feeds.

Existing RSS/Atom servers supply a finite list of recent articles. A feed reader is expected to retrieve articles regularly enough so that no articles are missed. This project retrieves upstream articles regularly and buffers them in order to provide a much larger set of articles downstream.


1. Launch the server application (e.g. rssbuffer -BindTo ':8080')

2. Identify an upstream RSS feed (e.g.

3. Navigate to localhost:8080/rss/http:/
• The upstream RSS feed will be fetched, parsed, cached and returned automatically.
• The upstream feed will be refreshed regularly in order to provide new articles.
rssbuffer will provide up to -HistoryDays days of articles.


Usage of rssbuffer: -BackgroundRefreshMinutes int Interval between refreshing known feeds (default 30) -BindTo string Address/port to bind to (default "") -HistoryDays int Number of days' history to return in queries (default 7) -VerboseLog Verbose logging


2017-02-04 1.0.1
• Update RSS support library for improved compatibility
• Restructure repository, employ gvt for dependency management
2016-05-01 1.0.0
• Initial public release


For bug reports, feature requests, or if you need any help, please click here to email me.