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rcondo is an agentless configuration management tool for Linux servers.


Generate remote commands based on policy templates and execute them over SSH - no remote agent required!

Tags: sysadmin


Rcondo first generates a remote script to run based on your host definition.
This is a script file that can include certain directives.
Any line that is not a directive is included verbatim in the generated output script.

You may then remotely execute the script on the target machine.
The #ssh-options directive sets execution parameters and the --rcmd option sets the remote interpreter (default bash -s).


#include {shell-glob}: Include other file(s) into the script.

• In the current version of rcondo, the glob is relative to the directory from which rcondo was executed, and does not otherwise change.

#packfile {localpath} {remotepath}: Copy a local file to the remote server.

#packdir {localdir} {remotedir}: Copy a local directory tree to the remote server.

Both the packfile and packdir directives generate and embed appropriate bash/tar/gzip/base64 commands within the generated script.

USAGE [options] file1 [file2 ...] Options: -e Execute script remotely --rcmd={command} Set remote interpreter (default 'bash -s') -v Verbose (also sets --rcmd='bash -x -s')


2015-02-20 : r76
• Enhancement: Prevent re-including same file multiple times
• Enhancement: Fatal error when including non-existent file
• Fix an issue with #packdir and #packfile directives
• policy/ Add more default packages
• policy/ Suppress grep output
• policy/ Follow HTTP redirects to installer
• policy/ Fix issue with no default authorized_keys file present
• policy/ Newly added
2014-08-23 : r43
• Initial public release


For bug reports, feature requests, or if you need any help, please click here to email me.