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A graphical database manager for BoltDB.

QBolt allows you to graphically view and edit the content of Bolt databases.

The project consists of two parts; a C binding (CGo) for the embeddable Bolt database engine, and a graphical interface built in C++/Qt that links to it.


• Open existing database or create new database
• Option to open database as readonly for concurrent use
• Create, list, edit and delete keys and buckets (including nested buckets)
• Safe for use with arbitrary binary key/bucket names (new ones created in UTF-8)
• View database and bucket statistics
• 100% Bolt compatibility via the real codebase
• Tested working on both Windows and Linux


Source code content of qbolt-x.x.x-src.tar.gz is released under the ISC license.
BoltDB is released under the MIT license.
The Windows binary is released under LGPL-3+ owing to the static copy of Qt.


• BoltDB


2017-06-19 1.0.1
• Feature: Option to open database as read-only
• Fix an issue with support for bucket names and keys not surviving UTF-8 roundtrips (now binary-clean)
• Fix an issue with crashing when deleting a bucket other than the selected one
• Fix a cosmetic issue with application icon on Windows
2017-05-21 1.0.0
• Initial public release


For bug reports, feature requests, or if you need any help, please click here to email me.