A platform for running hosted applications.

paas provides a web interface allowing users to upload their applications and run them on the remote server. Users can manage multiple application projects, each with multiple software versions and multiple running instances. Users can invite other sub-user accounts. Applications see a dedicated filesystem via container isolation.

Users must package their applications into a .zip file, along with a start file containing necessary commands to launch the application (e.g. pip install dependencies ; python3 The base operating system image is customisable but by default includes Python 2, Python 3, PHP 5.6, perl and node.js along with pip and npm.

Tags: sysadmin


  • Customisable base image from debootstrap
  • Runs on the systemd-nspawn container engine (docker/rkt in future?)
  • Live view application stdout/stderr in the web interface (line buffered via socktailf)
  • User invite system
  • Single-page app