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A web-based parallel SSH console for managing multiple linux servers.

Do you have too many servers to manage manually, but not big enough for puppet/chef? Want an interactive feel while still deduplicating effort across 3-10 servers? Inspired by, this is a alternative with the following features:


• Add servers by password or keypair authentication
• Host the control server locally to avoid trusting a third party
• Arrange servers into groups (e.g. all web servers, all database servers, ...)
• Supports running commands in parallel
• Response streams back in realtime over websockets
• Run any #! script remotely (bash, php, node, python, ...)
• Syntax highlighting text editor (thanks Codemirror!)
• Includes some demo scripts demonstrating using multiple languages, realtime, and a longer script to update node.js binaries from


• Install from npm (npm install opencommandio)
• Configure servers.js as per inline documentation
• Run the server (node ./core.js)
• Browse to localhost:8081 and enjoy
• Optional: Protect the server by nginx reverse proxy with http authentication, or similar

Tags: sysadmin

Npm page:
Inspired by: (unfortunately moved to a commercial closed-source SaaS)

Check npm to see if there's a more recent version than from here.


For bug reports, feature requests, or if you need any help, please click here to email me.