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a scraper and ui for maintaining a mirror of NyaaTorrents.

Tags: anime, torrent, scraper


The command-line tool can be used to build up an sqlite3 database of most information hosted on Nyaa. It updates an existing sqlite3 database or creates a new one. To bring your database up-to-date, the --update option will determine the most recent torrents available and set the download-chunk options appropriately. It would be suitable to run this via cron.

Usage: nyaascrape [options] Options: -b, --batches {number} Number of batches to download -c, --count {number} Number of torrents to download per batch --database {filename} Select output file --get-latest-id Find the most recent Torrent ID on site --help Display this message --no-torrents Download entries only, no torrent files -s, --start {number} Torrent ID to start processing from --sukebei Download from sukebei instead of www --test-file {file} Test parse local file containing nyaa html -q Quiet, suppress output --update Automatically set -s/-c/-b options to get all the latest torrent entries --url {http://.../} Set custom nyaa URL


The web interface allows browse, search, and torrent downloading using an interface modelled on the live NyaaTorrents site. However, the following issues make it a little unsuitable for public / high-traffic access:

• It shamelessly uses nyaa's own images and layout
• It works directly from the unindexed sqlite DB, so searches may be very slow against a full dump


2014-10-05: r13
• Feature: Automatically set range parameters to bring database up-to-date (--update option)
• Feature: Set custom nyaa URL (--url option)
• Feature: Display most recent ID on site (--get-latest-id option)
• Sort usage-help alphabetically
• Remove site statistics from usage-help display
2014-10-04: r6
• Initial public release

• Magnyaa, similar project
• Fork with MySQL support by "odangomoe": ; changes are listed at


For bug reports, feature requests, or if you need any help, please click here to email me.