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A web interface to an NMDC/ADC hub.

Tags: nmdc

Chat in real-time on your NMDC/ADC hub using a web browser.


This project forks and deprecates my earlier dcwebui2 project since Go seems to use less memory than node.

This project supercedes dcwebui, flexdc, and dcwebui2.

### Upgrading from dcwebui2

• The configuration file content is identical between nmdc-webfrontend 1.0.0 and dcwebui2 1.3.0, but please now ensure it's valid JSON instead of arbitrary javascript. This means no assignment, use double-quoted strings, and no comments.
• Future changes to the configuration file since nmdc-webfrontend 1.0.0 are backward compatible (see the changelog for more details).


1. Install Go (>= 1.11), Node.js, NPM, and 7-Zip (p7zip-full on Debian)
2. Download the source code
- git clone ; or
- go get ; or
- download and extract a source archive
3. Install dependencies: sudo make deps
4. Build: make
5. Optional: Set web.external_webroot: true in the config file for unminified development


2017-11-26 1.3.0
• Update libnmdc to 0.16 (adds ADC hub support)
• Configuration: The hub.port property is now optional. You can specify a full URI in the hub.address property instead.
2017-11-14 1.2.3
• Update libnmdc to 0.15
2017-10-28 1.2.2
• Enhancement: Simplify build process
• Fix an issue with closing PM tabs
2017-10-16 1.2.1
• Enhancement: Increase scrollback buffer size
• Fix an issue with missing contented upload link once logged in
• Fix a cosmetic issue with (0) appearing in page title
2017-10-15 1.2.0
• Feature: Add contented integration (set app.contented_server in config file)
• Fix a cosmetic issue with the menu icon on devices without unicode font coverage
2017-02-11 1.1.4
• Update libnmdc to 0.14
2017-02-11 1.1.3
• Feature: Display user IP address on hover, if available
• Enhancement: Allow clicking on popup notifications
• Enhancement: Only show 'popups enabled' notification when enabling for the first time, not persistent page load
• Update libnmdc to 0.13
• Fix a cosmetic issue with not displaying non-zero user share sizes
2017-02-06 1.1.2
• Autodetect 'extern', no need to include it in config files
• Enhancement: Remove redundant request, for a faster page load
• Display server version number in log file and in response headers
• Fix a cosmetic issue with spacing around user count in page title
2017-02-06 1.1.1
• Fix an issue with malformed content in minified build
2017-02-06 1.1.0
• Feature: Remember last username/password for login; remember last "show joins/parts" status
• Feature: Display user details on hover (description, email, client tag, share size)
• Feature: Optional desktop notifications for background PMs (not possible in incognito)
• Feature: Automatically reconnect with the same username/password if connection was lost
• Feature: Re-enter last message (Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down)
• Feature: Set custom date/time format (Minutes, Seconds, Full), remembered for next session
• Feature: Clickable magnet links
• Feature: Display unread main-chat message count in the page title if the window is inactive
• Feature: Add warning message when closing tab while still connected (optional preference, disabled by default, will be remembered).
• Feature: Admin option to load a custom favicon (set web.custom_favicon=true and place a favicon.ico in the current directory)
• Feature: Admin option to use external web resources (set web.external_webroot=true and use the /client/ directory)
• Enhancement: Higher resolution favicon
• Enhancement: Display operators in green in the user list
• Enhancement: Enable spellcheck for text input once logged in
• Enhancement: Prevent sending referrer to remote URLs
• Enhancement: Display joins/parts and connection/disconnection messages in PM tabs
• Enhancement: Support Shift+Tab to autocomplete backward
• Enhancement: Support unread status for the main tab
• Enhancement: Improve page load time via minification
• Remove unused options from the config file
• Update to 1.7.2
• Update libnmdc to 0.12
• Add margin between bottom of the text area and the text input box
• Fix a cosmetic issue with collapsing consecutive spaces in posted messages
• Fix a cosmetic issue with text size adjustment on mobile devices
• Fix a cosmetic issue with clearing the screen on reconnection
• Fix a cosmetic issue with not clearing the userlist on certain types of network error
• Fix a cosmetic issue with closed PM tabs reappearing in some cases
• Fix a cosmetic issue with marking all PM tabs as read when switching to a single one
2016-11-29 1.0.2
• Rebuild with libnmdc 0.11
• Fix an issue with not setting a version in the client tag
2016-10-08 1.0.1
• Fix an issue with backward compatibility with dcwebui2 configuration file format
2016-10-08 1.0.0
• Port dcwebui2 from Node.js (Javascript) to Go
• Fix a cosmetic issue with not clearing userlist on disconnection


For bug reports, feature requests, or if you need any help, please click here to email me.