A logging service for NMDC hubs.

It logs public chat messages to a file, categorised by months. Binaries are provided for Windows/Linux amd64/i386.


$nmdc-log-service -Help

Usage of nmdc-log-service:
        Print additional information on stdout
  -Dir string
        Output directory (default ".")
        Include connection state changes in log (default true)
  -Nick string
        Nick (default "nmdc-log-service")
  -PMResponse string
        Message to respond with on PM (default "This is an automated service. For enquiries, please contact an administrator.")
  -Password string
        Registered nick password
  -Server string
        Addresses to connect to (comma-separated)
        Verify TLS certificates (default true)



  • Convert to Go Modules, upgrade libnmdc to v0.18.0

2016-04-16 1.0.4

2016-04-04 1.0.3

2016-04-03 1.0.2

2016-04-03 1.0.1

2016-04-02 1.0.0