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A COFF linker targeting Win32 PE.

Builds under MSVC and GCC.

Tags: PL


2015-08-01: r157
• Feature: Add -Wno-duplicate-symbol option to suppress duplicate symbol warning
• Feature: Support embedded relative relocations
• Performance enhancements (addressing some profiler hotspots)
• Fix an issue with unaligned casts
2015-07-03: r146
• Feature: Add -q option to suppress warning/fatal linker output
• Feature: Add --compress-rdata option to pack .rdata into .text (marks constants as executable, but saves some space)
• Feature: Support recursive .a archives
• Work on standardising toward an embeddable library interface
• Reduce duplicate symbol definition from fatal to warning
• Fix an issue parsing metadata entries in some .a archives (fixes linking with mingw-w64 msvcrt.a and kernel32.a)
• Fix an issue unnecessarily tripping up on unknown symbols from segments that aren't being linked in
2015-06-24: r121
• Feature: Support .a archives
• Feature: Coalesce sections
• Feature: Support -mwindows subsystem
• Feature: Working IAT with support for cygwin/mingw import libraries
• Feature: Smaller binaries: strip unreferenced sections, elide zero-vss sections, elide .bss storage
• Remove PE/COFF viewer features to focus on linking
• Fix an issue applying invalid relocations if sections were removed
2014-07-03: r85
• Initial public release


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