A tool to download subtitled videos from the website

It downloads videos using youtube-dl; parses and converts loadtup's custom subtitle format to srt; and remuxes them together using mkvmerge, including the CRC32 in the resulting filename.


git clone
cd loadtup-dl
go build
sudo cp ./loadtup-dl /usr/local/bin/loadtup-dl


Usage: loadtup-dl [options] [--] URL|- [URL...]

Supported URLs take the form ''. Use a hyphen to
read equivalent HTML content from stdin.

  --youtube-dl PATH          Override path to youtube-dl
  --mkvmerge PATH            Override path to mkvmerge
  --mediainfo PATH           Override path to mediainfo
  --output PATH              Override output filename
                             (only valid for a single URL)
  --delete-temporary=false   Preserve temporary files
  --loglevel 0|1|2           Set verbosity (0=silent, 1=normal, 2=verbose)


v1.1.0 (2020-04-12)

  • Feature: Support translator notes (scrcaps)
  • Feature: Set stream language and title for generated mkv file
  • Enhancement: Add custom logging levels
  • Fix invalid characters appearing in generated filenames
  • Fix misdetection of translator note usage
  • Fix duration of final subtitle entry (adds dependency on mediainfo)

v1.0.0 (2020-04-11)

  • Initial public release