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A downloader for


Usage: livesetsus-dl [args] Commands: --help Display this message -o %option %value Set an option. See below for details --recent Add recent livesets to working results --search %string Search for livesets by DJ, and add to working results --filter %string Filter current working results by %string --url-info Display info URLs for each working result --url-audio Display audio URLs for each working result Options: destdir Download destination directory. Default cwd getinfo Whether to save metadata text file. Default false getaudio Whether to save audio file. Default true skipifexist Skip saving file if already exists. Default true maxsearchresults Maximum results for '--search'. Default 20 (sets) maxrecentpages Maximum pages for '--recent'. Default 2 (days) Examples: - Download last 2 days of added sets livesetsus-dl --recent - Download last 40 sets from Armin Van Buuren including metadata livesetsus-dl \ -o getinfo true \ -o maxsearchresults 40 \ --search 'Armin Van Buuren'


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