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A VNC server providing a custom framebuffer.

You can inherit from the VncdConnection class as per the sample, and respond to the simple framebuffer and input callbacks. This design allows using the VNC/RFB protocol as a wrapper for arbitrary graphical tasks.


• Supports raw, zlib, ZRLE, and TightPNG image encoding
• Supports optional VNC authentication
• Single-threaded asynchronous design supporting multiple simultaneous clients
• Tested working with TightVNC Viewer 2.7 and RealVNC Viewer 4.1
• Tested compilation with Visual Studio 2013, but cross-platform/compiler ports should be trivial
• Designed to be connected to a custom framebuffer implementation


Unlike most other VNC implementations (e.g. libvncserver, QEMU-kvm, and RealVNC), no code in this project is based on the original GPL'd source code release of AT&T VNC. This project is a clean implementation from RFC6143, made freely available under non-copyleft software license (along with all its bundled dependencies):

• libvncd, by the libvncd author. (ISC license)
• ASIO, by Christopher M. Kohlhoff. (Boost Software License)
• D3DES, by Richard Outerbridge. (Public Domain)
• miniz, by Rich Geldreich. (Public Domain)
• X11 (for keysymdef.h), by The Open Group. (MIT/X11 License)



2015-09-13 r61
• Initial public release


For bug reports, feature requests, or if you need any help, please click here to email me.