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A utility to filter recent items from GNOME applications.

GNOME applications keep a list of recently accessed URIs (documents, RDP sessions, ...) in the ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel file. Individual applications (e.g. evince) don't offer a level of control over this file, and if you are using GNOME applications on a non-GNOME desktop (e.g. Xfce) then other methods of removing entries are not necessarily easily available.

The filter-recent utility allows you to remove multiple entry ranges from this file, either on-demand, or automatically as part of e.g. .bashrc or .profile.


Usage: filter-recent [OPTIONS] Options: --xbel PATH Custom path to the 'recently-used.xbel' file -i Replace file on disk --no-write Do not replace file on disk (default) --stdout Display output to stdout (use with --no-write) --contains SUBSTRING Remove entries where the file path contains SUBSTRING --excise START END Remove entries visited between START and END. --help Display this message -v, --verbose Verbose Date formats: This version of 'filter-recent' uses PHP strtotime for parsing date bounds. Detailed information about the available date format support is available at the URL .


2017-05-01 1.0
• Initial public release


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