Switch 'gcc' in Cygwin to point to another toolchain.

This script configures symlinks in $PATH so that invoking e.g. gcc or ld will point to a specific toolchain instead of the native one.


Running will create and set up toolchain switching scripts. Once the script has run, you can switch toolchains at any time by typing:

. ~/.cygwin-toolchain-switcher/use-toolchain-x86_64-mingw-w64

There are scripts installed for each detected toolchain.


If you want to have gcc invocations work all the way through Cygwin -> Windows -> Cygwin roundtrips (e.g. using cygwin git with windows go get with cygwin x86_64-mingw-w64-gcc to make CGO work) then the created symlinks must be Windows symlinks instead of Cygwin symlinks. To do so, launch Cygwin as Administrator and export CYGWIN="winsymlinks:nativestrict" before invoking the script.