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A static site generator for a portfolio website.

This script is currently in use to generate the website.


• Generates static website, minimising server load and decreasing attack surface compared to dynamic server-side PHP
• Automatic thumbnailing and sprite sheet generation
• Download file attachments per-project
• One-click rebuild, one-click deploy
• Parallel generation


2017-10-28: v132
• Fix an issue with not applying project rename redirections in the new URL format
• Fix a cosmetic issue with classifying downloads named with numeric strings
• Fix a cosmetic issue with truncated sheilds caused by ID collisions
2017-04-23: v126
• Breaking: BASEURL is now a mandatory field
• Feature: Support [go-get] tags
• Feature: Canonical paths for SEO
• Feature: Use extension-less paths by default (old .html paths still supported via redirect)
• Feature: Support [url] tags
• Enhancement: Cache-busting parameters on homepage thumbnails
2016-04-19: v118
• Feature: Classify download artefacts by matching CHANGELOG entry
• Feature: Allow sorting by lifespan, artefacts, release entries
• Feature: Separate site generation code from site data repositories
• Enhancement: Update supplied CSS normalize script
• Enhancement: Read parallelism from number of CPUs
2015-11-08: v97
• Feature: Support BBCode b/i/spoiler/entry tags
• Feature: Add more CSS styles to allow per-site customistaion
• Feature: Use images where appropriate
• Feature: Optional blurbs=off, article_header={string}, shields_prefix=true configuration directives
• Fix an issue with project update-time detection
• Fix a cosmetic issue with whitespace
2015-04-05: v72
• Feature: Support redirecting old project names
• Feature: Add file hash in download URLs to prevent filename collisions
• Fix an issue generating spritesheets even if no project images are present
• Don't include ctime when estimating project update time
2015-04-05: v64
• Feature: Support sorting projects
2015-04-04: v54
• Feature: Support multiple code sites
• Fix an issue with parallel builds on some versions of windows
• Fix an issue corrupting URL links with multiple parameters
• Fix a cosmetic issue with page overflow
• Fix a cosmetic issue with whitespace on code elements
2014-07-02: v39
• Feature: Tags
• Feature: Generate pages in parallel
• Enhancement: Support raw HTML sections in page content
• Fix an issue with URLs containing spaces
• Fix a cosmetic issue with image thumbnail backgrounds
• Fix a cosmetic issue with download sort order
• Fix a cosmetic issue with page layout
2013-09-28: v13
• Initial public source code release
2013-09-21: v3
• Initial deployment


For bug reports, feature requests, or if you need any help, please click here to email me.