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Shell script to download torrents from nyaa and automatically add them to transmission.

Tags: torrent, anime


Usage: autonyaa [flags] [search [search2 ...]] Options: --dry-run Do not download torrent files --filelist FILENAME Search all terms in the file FILENAME. One term per line, # to comment --help Display this message --sukebei Use alternative nyaa host -v Verbose Environment: TORRENT_FILE_DIR Set a custom directory to store cached torrent files. Default $HOME/.cache/autonyaa/archive/ NYAA_HOSTNAME Set a custom nyaa-compatible data provider


2018-01-18 1.3
• Feature: Add --dry-run flag
• Compatibility with
2016-10-25 1.2
• Enhancement: Default to HTTPS endpoint
• Enhancement: More diagnostic messages in verbose mode
• Fix an issue with cloudflare-scrape mode
2016-10-09 1.1
• Feature: Get all entries from file
• Feature: Support bypassing CloudFlare browser detection (thanks )
• Feature: Sukebei support
• Feature: Custom nyaa targets
• Feature: Custom cache directory, move default to to $HOME/.cache
• Enhancement: Use flag for debug verbosity instead of environment variable
• Enhancement: Rename executable
• Fix an issue with not reporting errors (missing set -e and some conditional handling)
• Fix an issue with untarred distribution
2013-06-23 1.0
• Initial release


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