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A bulk renaming utility for audio files.

It attempts to find predetermined patterns amongst the file names.


Usage: autoalbum [options] [--] DIRECTORY Options: --prefix STRING Prepend all output filenames with STRING --auto-prefix Prepend all output filenames with the directory name --digits NUM Number of digits in track numbers (default 0 == auto) --extension STRING Filter by file extension (default 'mp3') --dry-run Display proposed changes, then exit without applying --interactive Interactive prompt to confirm changes (default) --accept Apply changes without confirmation


Renaming audio files is not a new problem. Renaming audio files based solely on filenames is a fraught endeavour. It's almost certainly better to use an ID3 renaming utility. For example eyeD3 -Q --plugin=fixup --type=lp --dry-run --file-rename-pattern '$album_artist - ($release_date:year) $album - $track:num - $title ($artist)'.


2017-04-30 v14
• Initial public release


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