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An installer for the backup program attic.

Run the script on the source and destination machines. The server will generate a new restricted user, set up attic, and prompt to exchange keys with the client. A sample backup script is installed on the client with everything preconfigured for unattended operation.

Includes the option to encrypt the attic key with a passphrase and store it on the server.

Tags: sysadmin


Usage: atticinst [options..] Options: --client Install as client --server Install as server Optionally accepts ATTICINST_USERNAME as an environment variable to control the generated username. --dependencies Install dependencies only --uninstall-client Uninstall client from current user --backup-config Re-prompt to backup client configuration --is-installed Check for existence of metadata directory, sets 0/1 error --version Display md5sum of installer script --munin-install Install client plugins for munin-node --munin-uninstall Uninstall client plugins for munin-node --munin-{command} ["config"] Run munin command Directories: ~/.atticman/ Metadata directory (override with ATTICINST_DIR)


2014-11-14: r97
• Feature: Munin-node integration
• Feature: Allow user-specified passphrases
• Feature: Allow custom metadata directory
• Feature: Add warning timer on uninstall in case of misconfigured metadata directory
• Feature: Add serverside logs of connection details and start/stop times
• Feature: --is-installed and --version options
• Enhancement: Copy installer in metadata directory
• Remove unneeded passphrase.raw for autogenerated passwords
• Reduce length of autogenerated passphrases
• Fix not detecting i486 uname
2014-08-25: r66
• Feature: Use attic static binaries instead of pip-3.2
• Feature: Option to backup client configuration at any time
• Enhancement: Verify hash for attic static binaries on amd64 and i386/i686
• Enhancement: Support entering host:port syntax instead of prompting to edit .ssh/config
• Enhancement: Guard against blank user/host entry
2014-08-25: r40
• Feature: Support setting custom username
2014-08-24: r36
• Initial public release

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