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A shell script to handle precomp+zpaq compression workflow.

Zip archives of nearly-identical data might be almost entirely different after compression. Best compression can be had by unpacking the archives first; but naively doing so loses bit-exact archive reconstruction. By using a precomp pass, as well as a global deduplicating compressor, maximum storage efficiency can be achieved.

• Parallel precomp scanning
• Graphical extraction interface
• Dependencies: precomp, zpaq, dialog, and GNU Parallel
• Assumes Cygwin, although porting would be possible


Usage: assimilate [options] Options: {no option argument} Begin interactive pack/unpack workflow --child 'arg' (Internal use only) --help Display this message --pack Immediately pack --unpack-menu Begin interactive unpack workflow


2015-11-08: r04
• Fix an issue packing and unpacking un-precomp-able files
2015-11-08: r01
• Inital public release


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