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A web interface for browsing chat logs.

As of the 3.0 release, archive is available as a standalone binary for Linux and Windows.


2017-12-10: 3.1.0
• Feature: Statistics page
• Enhancement: Upgrade corner menu image to support high DPI
• Enhancement: Mobile-friendly buttons in search results
• Enhancement: Explain keyboard shortcuts when hovering over form elements
• Enhancement: Improve performance when changing sources and when searching, by removing a network roundtrip
• Enhancement: "Latest" link takes you to the latest for the current data source
• Change ctrl+alt+[H/J/K/L/M]... keyboard shortcuts to just alt+[...], remove dependency on APL mousetrap.js
• Fix an issue with accessing the legacy php controller after the Go port
• Fix an issue with using plus characters in regular expression searches
• Fix an issue with blank pages appearing if there was a divisible number of log entries
• Fix an issue with browsers using stale stylesheets
• Fix a cosmetic issue with text selection when using dropdown menu items
• Fix a cosmetic issue with PCRE text in regular expression hover message (it's no longer PCRE)
• Fix a cosmetic issue with search box layout at some screen sizes
• Fix a cosmetic issue with animation responsiveness
2017-09-06: 3.0.1
• Breaking: Revert date formatting in filenames back to strftime-compatible
2017-08-13: 3.0.0
• Rewritten in Go.
• Enhancement: Standalone binary server
• Fix a cosmetic issue with non-uniform filenames in downloaded archives
2016-05-27: r102
• Fix an issue with months for log sources with multiple data sources
• Fix an issue with the next button when navigating away from an error page
2016-04-03: r93
• Feature: Support multiple slugs for each log source
• Feature: Support reading log sources from multiple local file paths
• Enhancement: Nicer page URLs
• Enhancement: Preserve last regex search when switching log sources
• Enhancement: Match more types of system message
• Use platform month translations
• Fix an issue with username regular expression matching leading < without trailing >
• Fix an issue exporting full archives on low-memory servers
• Fix an issue producing large search results on low-memory servers
• Fix an issue on servers with unclean include paths
2015-04-10: r56
• Feature: Highlight result row from search
• Change archive to passthru() tarball, reducing peak memory usage
• Fix not always loading most recent javascript
• Fix source selection not displaying on search page
• Fix error message on bad regex
• Fix insufficiently strict regex delimiter escaping
• Fix blank line on last page
2014-11-14: r24
• Feature: Keyboard shortcuts
• Feature: Download archive
• Feature: Change font size
• Enhancement: Clickable magnet links
• Fix an issue with reloading regex filters in Firefox
• Fix an issue with mobile CSS styles
• Fix right-right arrow to go to latest page instead of latest-at-time-of-pageload
2014-05-25: r9
• Initial public release
2011-04-27: r0-private
• Initial internal release (earliest known reference to active application)


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